Roland Mouret, between the folds of fashion Backstage at Roland Mouret AW 2015 show

Roland Mouret, between the folds of fashion

Roland Mouret's 2015 Autumn/Winter collection is utterly sensual.

For Roland Mouret, “dresses are for undressing...we all dress up to undress,” and so winter is definitely more sensual than summer, just because there are more layers: the process is more tantalising.

His formative experiences in life, learning how to cut and fold fabrics while observing his father working in his butcher shop, always emerge in his garments, which are like giant origami pieces in which folds follow the human form and fill space with sculptural beauty. Each piece becomes a very personal item, with quilted patchworks inspired by the jerseys knitted by fishermen’s wives for their husbands at sea, their personal patterns handed down from generation to generation.

8 Carlos PlaceFlagship store at 8 Carlos Place in London

Mouret’s treatment of colour is elemental and symbolic, black, white, oxblood red, with some bright highlights. You can sense the energy infused into the collection, reinforced by his powerful accessories, such as leather ankle boots with toe-to-ankle gold zips.

Roxy Black bootsRoxy Black boots

The Classico handbag returns with a new waffle texture and its intriguing origami geometry, crafted so that the top folds out into another shape and then drops back to form the rectangular clutch. A brilliant, ironic touch, the perfect high note to conclude any evening look.

AW RolandMouret FLAT CLASSICO GREENFlat Classico Green