Le Chic shopping experience in Switzerland

Le Chic, located in Lugano, Switzerland, provides multi-faceted consultation and coaching services that will bring out the winner in you.

Making a good first impression is without doubt a crucial initiation into the business world. However, achieving an effective result is quite another matter. Under Le Chic's professional guidance, embark on a special journey where self-discovery and awareness aims to establish an alternative approach to personal style.

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Le Chic starts from and prioritises the client's interior world – identity, personality and mannerism – in other worlds, all the innate traits that are unique to the individual. Through Le Chic's coaching, discussions, Q&A's, workshops and much more, you can develop a trusting relationship with its team who will get to know your talents and bring emphasize them through personal style and presentation.

Thus, with an understanding of who you are and who you want to become, the next step is to transcribe it all into fashion terms. You are what you wear in the professional arena, and a successful image starts with a strong wardrobe. Le Chic's showroom offers hand-crafted clothing and accessories that portray the new you. They are pieces that will complement and highlight your uniqueness, while letting you run the show.

Outfits can also be designed and tailored on an individual basis. Whether you opt for natural materials and a relaxed silhouette, or innovative materials and a slim cut, leave it to Le Chic's Italian expert craftsmen to merge tradition and innovation and create bespoke items such as the perfect suit, dress, shoes and handbags. Le Chic's meticulous attention to detail is what sets is above the rest.

The creation of your wardrobe is a fascinating learning process that leads to a new look, and what's interesting is that from your first session with Le Chic, you will perceive an immediate transformation though its 'Mind to Measure' approach and be on a fast track to success.


For more information see: www.lechic.ch 

Le Chic

Via degli Albrizzi, 1 6900 Lugano

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