Tory Burch's spring/summer 2015 collection © Tory Burch

Tory Burch's spring/summer 2015 collection

Tory Burch's spring/summer 2015 collection is hallmarked by a combination of lively decorative motifs and elemental design.

Strong character, independent spirit, feminine allure. This could be a description of Tory Burch herself, but also of Françoise Gilot, French paintress whose canvases hallmarked by organic shapes and bright colour inspired Tory’s spring/summer 2015 collection. As the designer says, “Spring 2015 captures the spirit of Gilot and the time she spent with Picasso in Vallauris. There’s a casual yet elegant ease to the collection, seen in the softness of the lines, and a play between raw and refined. We thought about construction and engineered patterns: raffia tweeds, graphic smocking, textured knits paired with their digital-print counterparts…”

Tory Burch Spring 2015 Look 28

The collection has a timeless spirit created by the pure warm colour and the geometrical decorative motifs that include the classical meander pattern that evokes Ancient Greece. Fabrics are richly textured and speak of age-old ethnic techniques such as hand weaving and beadwork. The cut of the garments is discreet, with clean shapes and contour-hiding lines that actually enhance the wearer’s femininity. Accessories have the same sort of ethnic appeal created by raw textile colours allied to black, brown or burnt sienna, in pieces that can be paired with any look.

Tory Burch Spring 2015 Look 23

New this season are Tory Burch’s watches, with seven series, each named after a member of her family. Like her garments, they are fun and infinitely practical, with original design features allied to quality Swiss movements. Tory Burch uses every available medium to paint her own compositions, ready to be enjoyed by like-minded women all over the world.