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Christmas gift ideas with Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers talk about the art of shopping for Christmas presents for your loved ones...

As Christmas approaches we spoke to Lucia Pedroletti, Director Fashion Sourcing & Buying Office at Brooks Brothers about the art of shopping for Christmas presents for your loved ones.

What pieces from the Brooks Brother’s 2014 collections would you recommend as ideal gifts for him and her?

A Christmas gift should be meaningful, lasting and chosen with love, care and attention, gift giving really is an art. I would recommend the following gifts from the Brooks Brothers range...

A tribute to our Highland heritage, our iconic Signature Tartan adorns a large variety of potential gifts: neckties and bow tie in silk, cashmere scarves, hats, bags, ponchos, pyjamas, belts, cufflinks, umbrellas, designer dog (coat and collar).


Cashmere: From scarves, travel sets, knitwear and sweaters, Cashmere is always appreciated for its elegance, softness and light, velvety texture and a garment in this is a perfect gift in winter. Brooks Brother’s cashmere follows the traditional manufacturing process, including washing in the water rich mineral waters of the River Tweed and machining in one of the oldest plants in Scotland.

Fair Isle: The classic Christmas jumper gets a chic makeover in our Fair Isle collection of sweaters and accessories. Colourful, seasonal and superbly comfortable, we have the perfect item to team with your skiwear. This classic Norwegian design is even more distinctive when worn in the mountains. Or if you want a simpler design, our Saxxon Wool collection features jumpers and accessories is block colours and made with the finest knitted wools.

Brooks Brothers Fair Isle

What accessories would you recommend as Christmas presents?

A wallet in true American alligator, available in black and brown, is a very chic gift.

Brooks Brothers

Gift with animal print, such as bags, shoes or scarf.

Brooks Brothers

Alternatively you could select one of our classic silk scarves that are made in Italy or a bag with finishing buffered handle. Another great option is one of our perfumes.


If you had to pick one outfit, for men and women from this year’s collection, which one would it be and why?

For the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit for women I would recommend our Rose Brocade Print Dress which, with its jacquard floral design, would be ideal for a cocktail party. The outfit could be completed with a fur collar in matching burgundy.


For men, one of our classic tuxedos in black is perfect for cutting a fine figure this festive season.


In terms of your customer experience, how are you changing your stores for new customers?

Our aim is to design a store that is engaging, welcoming and friendly, a club that anyone can join. We have specialist fitters and sales representatives in all our stores to make sure that you get the best advice and best possible experience every time you visit.

Brooks Brothers HOLIDAY

Our Chairman and CEO, Claudio Del Vecchio, says "Brooks Brothers is not good because we’re old but old because we’re good". Since our founding in New York, in 1818, we have always tried to provide our customers with quality, value and innovation in our products and services. Our aim is to honour authenticity and stay true to the brand's DNA, It is this spirit that you will find in our boutiques, we have dressed many customers throughout their lives and are honoured to be a model of original American attitudes and lifestyles.

As one of the oldest clothing brands in American history, Brooks Brothers is a lot more than just a brand. How have you honoured your heritage with other pieces this season?

This season we have explored our original East Coast Ivy League style and the 1950s/60s styles of Paul Newman and Steve McQueen who took the East Coast to Hollywood.

Brooks Brothers Christmas

This collection is all about timeless elegance, bold colours of navy, purple and pink and dusky blue.  The Red Fleece collection reflects the more youthful side of the brand, with sports jackets and slim-fit tailored suits.  In terms of a brand-story you won’t find one as old or as iconic and ours, and our customers, their choices and their personal styles all reflect this. 

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