Red Travel luxury driving holidays in Italy

Reduce the stress and increase the luxury of your next driving holiday with an 'Italian driving experience'.

The words ‘driving holiday’ don’t always bring to mind the concept of luxury, more often than not, Italian road trips in the summer often end up being sweltering, stressful situations that make you wish you’d opted for the train. Especially when you add in the stress of understanding the local 'rules' of the road. Travel is a tricky business whatever your budget and sun-drenched afternoons speeding through Tuscan vineyards are more often a dream than a reality. 

Red Travel, based in Turin, wants to change all this. Launched in 2004 the award-winning company offers not just car rental, but the complete 'Italian driving experience'. That means all the good bits of a driving holiday minus all the hassle. But what does this mean in practice?...

Navigation nightmares? Italy is notoriously difficult to navigate. It is common to find two (or more) towns with the same name, and GPS directions are not 100% reliable. Included in a Red Travel holiday is a Red Travel Director, ensuring you don't go end up lost in Lombardy.

Panicked about petrol? Out in the countryside it's not always easy to find a petrol station, and if you do find one, it's often likely that the owner will be on a break of some sort or another. You can stress less with Red Travel because every morning you will find your Ferrari filled up and carefully hand-washed ready for the day.

Parking pains? It can be a nightmare trying to find parking in Italy's narrow cobbled streets and crowded cities. During a Red Travel experience you can relax and be guided by your Tour Director who will be a local expert. In addition you will be the only guest allowed to leave your Ferrari just in front of the hall (and not in the common parking lot) of Italy's most prestigious five or seven-star luxury hotels.

Lots of luggage? The only downside of a Ferrari or supercar is the exceedingly small trunk. But don't worry because with Red Travel Tour your bags will be transported separately straight to your hotel.

Fear of missing out? Red Travel works in partnership with Ferrari to tailor each trip and car to the clients needs and wants. Depending on where you’re starting from, each tour takes into account your driving preferences, and hotels of choice. Cars to choose from include the Ferrari 458 Speciale A,  California T, 458 Speciale, 458 Spider. 

After a hard day of winding your way around Venice, Rome, Siena or Pisa, weary drivers can unwind in top spas, as well as the finest restaurants. The itineraries created by each guide mean that the most beautiful cities are covered and top-driving speeds calculated before you set off. For a return to old-fashioned European glamour, this is the luxury tour to that will dwarf any other. La dolce vita! 

(This is an advertorial for Red Travel)