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Fondazione Alda Fendi: the newest arts hub in Rome Fondazione Alda Fendi – Espermenti ©Roland Halbe

Fondazione Alda Fendi: the newest arts hub in Rome Featured

Rhinocerus: the magnificent oeuvre of Jean Nouvel for Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti

by Sara Kaufman

Since Adele Fendi, matriarch of the Fendi family, launched a fur-coat firm in 1918 with the support of her husband, the Fendi empire has been built and held together by the strong will and the eccentric personalities of its women. Today the company is run by Adele’s daughters – Paola, Anna, Franca and Alda (Carla passed away last year) and fuelled by the creativity of the next generations, like Silvia Venturini Fendi and her daughter Leonetta. Over time, Fendi has become an international symbol of the Made In Italy: high quality craftsmanship and outstanding products.

But the creations certainly don’t come out of the blue: fashion needs constant sources of inspiration. Alda Fendi, the youngest daughter of Adele, chose art: being surrounded by artists, nurturing talents and supporting artistic realities is her way to remain “inspired” and also to contribute to the cultural scene of her beloved Rome. Today, the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti, is located in the new Palazzo Velabro, a historical building which had been completely abandoned and that now shines bright thanks to the Fondazione’s funding and to the spectacular work of Jean Nouvel, who decided to name it Rhinocerus as a tribute to wild, primitive energies.

Alda Fendi with Jean Nouvel Image Carlo BellincampiAlda Fendi with Jean Nouvel. ©Image Carlo Bellincampi

The first two floors of Rhinocerus are dedicated to the exhibtion areas, while the other four are occupied by 25 artistic apartments, all different, all meticulously designed and decorated, with Raffaele Curi’s poems carved on the doors. This, just as much as Fendi’s clothes and accessories, is Made in Italy: a creative gift to the world, a tribute to it’s beauty.

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Fondazione Alda Fendi Esperimenti. Architect Jean Nouvel. Photo Roland Halbe RHINOCEROS Residence RH2637 0114 800x1066Fondazione Alda Fendi Esperimenti. Architect Jean Nouvel. ©Roland Halbe RHINOCEROS Residence

A sojourn in this unique setting, surrounded by art and culture, is one of the purest forms of luxury.


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