7 Most Romantic Places in Rome Featured

Think romance and you'd probably veer towards Venice, but Rome, with its sweeping panorama, hidden cafes, ivy encrusted alleys and beautiful lookouts, makes for one very romantic setting, too. If you're traveling with your partner, here are eight romantic spots of Rome, in no particular order, that we absolutely adore.



Giardino degli Aranci

Parco Savello, or Giardino degli Aranci or, better known to tourists as, Orange Garden, sits behind the Basilica of Santa Sabina and to one side lie the beautiful ruins of the wall that once surrounded the Savelli Castle. Its gorgeously sun-dappled walkways are possibly the most romantic place to stroll along in Rome. Come and watch the sun set, surrounded with the citrusy scent of oranges and in peaceful silence.

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A hugely popular wedding venue, Campidoglio or the Capitoline Hill is an impressive and romantic backdrop for nuptials. The Piazza itself was designed by THE Michelangelo and is peaceful and quiet enough for an intimate conversation. It's also dotted with cafes and a museum. By day, you can see ancientness of the city here and a stroll at night is simply magical.

Piazza del Campidoglio Roma

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Pincio Gardens

If a peaceful, cozy and lush garden sounds like your kind of afternoon then head to the Pincio gardens – linked to Villa Borghese via a pedestrian bridge. Pincio Gardens commands an entire view of Rome and has excellent cafes for a quick munch. You'll also find a small lake in the middle with benches on which couples canoodle.

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Ponte Sant'Angelo

Though not without its gory past – for centuries after the 16th century, it was used to display the bodies of those executed by the church – Ponte Sant'Angelo, or commonly known as the Bridge of Angels, is now pedestrian bridge and the de facto kissing destination of Rome. It provides beautiful views of Castel Sant'Angelo; it's dream to walk on during twilight hours - the languid water, the reflecting lights - all just add to Rome and your lover's allure.

Ponte SantAngelo Rome

Trevi Fountain

Toss in a coin, make a wish, give him a kiss. Clichéd? Sure, but the magic of this wishing, sculptural fountain is undeniable. There's also a smaller fountain on the left side that has given birth to another lover's lure - couple that drink from it will stay faithful forever. Immortalized by icon Anita Ekberg, who famously waded into the fountain in the movie "La Dolce Vita" - the Trevi fountain is definitely a must-visit when it comes to romance in Rome!

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Gianicolo Hill

If you want to capture Rome's spirit in one breathtaking panorama - a visit to the Gianicolo Hill is a must. The view is captivating and perfect for lovers to plan a tryst or picnic at. Come prepared with chocolates and prosecco to add to the lover's euphoria. Fewer tourists, beautiful views and a lovely green cover make this an ideal romantic destination.

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Cafes and hotel rooftops

Not exactly one place or any particular spot - the magic of Rome is apparent in every alley café or rooftop bar. Many of these venues are budget, the views magical and the architecture lends itself to the intimate setting you want. Start with your own hotel rooftop, then venture out and find that very sweet spot for vino and rigatoni.

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