Top Districts in Rome Featured

Dive into Rome's hippest and hottest neighbourhoods with LUXOS district guide to Rome. 

Enjoy the wonderful city of Rome by exploring our top districts and trendy areas. Once you've seen all the cultural sights Rome has to offer, it's time to really discover the city with a creative pulse. From Condotti Babuino's elite streets to Borgo's spiritual ambience, there is more to explore to Rome than meets the eye. 

Shopping: Condotti Babuino


Starting at the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti, is the most fashionable streets in Rome. Dating back to Ancient Rome, the street is, today, filled with your favourite luxury designers. A few steps from this exclusive street, Via Babuino oozes effortless cool and an air of hipster elegance. Linking the Spanish Steps with Piazza del Popolo, there is no lack of historic sights scattered in between.

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Art:San Lorenzo

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Home to one of the most important churches in Rome, Basilica San Lorenza is heavily populated with students from the nearby university. This district is home to many art galleries and street art, where one can see the inspiration behind many of the pieces displayed. ESC atelier is a popular space that hosts shows and demonstrates cultural performances for all to enjoy.

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Entertainment: Flaminio

Roma Ponte Milvio
Famous for it’s ancient ruins and rich culture, Rome also has a bustling night life. Known as the biggest city in Italy, Rome has a strong reputation for late bars. Some of the best bars include Pompi and Freni e Frizioni. Both of these restaurants have a welcoming ambiance that locals enjoy. After a delightful meal, head over to Akab nightclub where live music and DJ sets can be enjoyed throughout the night.

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Historical District: Borgo

This district is neighbours with the Vatican city and carries a strong religious presence. Home to one of the most visited pilgrimages spots in the world, Borgo welcomes tourists from near and far. One doesn't have to be Catholic to appreciate the the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Enjoy people watching with a great view and an even greater meal.

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