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 Escape the crowds and explore some of Rome's lesser known wonders.

Cimitero Acattolico and Testaccio

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Leave the noisy, busy, Roman streets behind and enter the blissfully quiet Cimitero Acattolico (Non-catholic Cemetary). Inside the peaceful solitude of the cemetery, you will find the graves of artists, authors and poets such as John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Maintained by locals, the Cimitero Acattolico is a place where history meets the present day. After wandering through the cemetery, visit Testaccio, a nearby food district, that is the perfect stop for a delicious Italian meal.

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EUR District

Colosseo Quadrato RomeColosseo Quadrato Rome Photo Credit: MIMOA

Neoclassical by design, the EUR district differs from the typical Baroque period architecture styles on display throughout the rest of Rome. Originally built to celebrate 20 years of Italian fascism, launch the expansion of the city and host a World Fair that did not take place due to WWII, the EUR district is now a relatively small residential and business area. While you are in the district, visit the Square Colosseum, a fascinating construction that blends classical architectural traditions with more modernist styles, and uncover the history behind the EUR District.

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Visit the cinema production studio where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton filmed scenes for the movie "Cleopatra" and discover the magic behind a film studio that plays a lead role on the international stage. Walk through exhibits about the creation of the studio's countless award-winning films, stop by costume displays and learn interesting behind-the-scenes extras. Cinecitta also hosts a variety of events and is an ideal location for meetings, special events or other gatherings. If you do not have time to explore the studio, you might want to walk past and see if you can catch a glimpse of the next movie in progress.

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Appian Way

tour via appia anticaPhotograph courtesy of: homeandboatitaly.com Appian Way Tour

Walk along the Roman Empire's first paved road and contemplate the idiom, "all roads lead to Rome." Lined with lush greenery and the occasional Roman ruin, the Appian Way affords a picturesque view of the Roman landscape. Hop on and off the trail at different points of the day, and rent a bicycle if you do not feel like walking.

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