Get Your Fellini Fix in Rome Featured

Frolic in Rome's ancient baths and have a Felliniesque time in Rome.

Are you a die hard fan of Italian director, Federico Fellini’s chic quintessentially Italian films? Is Mastroianni Marcelllo your style icon? The iconic Italian film director and screenplay writer has created dozens of stunning and morally contemplative cinematic experiences. Our quick guide to putting a Fellini twist on your trip to Rome will have you living la dolce vita.

Harry's Bar


The roaring sixties are still alive in this opulent venue that transports you back to a simpler time. In the heart of Via Veneto, Harry’s Bar exudes old Hollywood and with just enough cocktails, you might get there. Frequented by Fellini and Frank Sinatra, you’ll feel like one of the greats in this classic Roman bar.

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Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Caracalla good

These towering structures are Rome’s second largest baths in the city. What is left of the colossal baths are not be missed. Fellini used these ancient baths as the setting for a nightclub in La Dolce Vita, so don’t be surprised when you enter and there aren’t any impromptu dance numbers.

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Trevi Fountain

trevi good 2

This Rome staple is an architectural treat. Fellini’s magical Trevi fountain scene in La Dolce Vita exudes passion and temptation. Just don’t follow in his exact foot steps and jump in for an American movie star, á la Mastroianni Marcello.

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Al Moro

almoro good 2

Federico Fellini's favourite restaurant for Carbonara spaghetti, this Rome restaurant has all the ingredients for a movie moment. The familiar table cloths, dimly lit atmosphere and waiters full of Italian gumption, are exactly what makes this spot so special. 

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Parco degli Acquedotti

parco good

We are immediately introduced to this awe inspiring site in the opening scene of La Dolce Vita, when Marcello and his paparazzo friend are being flown in from a helicopter. This historic site is an amazing location to stroll through or have a picnic next to these ancient, massive arches.

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