An Unconventional Roman Holiday Featured

Escape the circus of Rome with these one of a kind shopping and dining experiences. 

Touring Rome and soaking up its never ending culture buzzing with tourists can be overwhelming. Retreat from the usual, and visit these locally loved spots to dine and spend. Grab an aged cheese, one of a kind mid century lamp and delicious homemade focaccia at these hidden Rome gems. 


 pianostradagood 2

Sink your teeth into some prosciutto and fig compote focaccia or friti in this charming restaurant. Experimenting with Mediterranean flavours, this sister owned restaurant gives you classic Roman dishes with an elevated twist for a truly cultured dining experience. Fresh flowers and personal touches are not scarce in this charming space. 

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madre 2

Have you been travelling a while, and are beginning to crave the familiar dishes of your mom’s home cooking? Madre is the next best thing, and you are sure to have a cozy dining experience in this relaxing, slow paced restaurant. The menu was crafted with a cross between Italian and South American cooking techniques. Offering a wide range of meal options, you can have anything from pizza to ceviche to fresh fish fillets.

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Volpetti good 2

This gastronomic haven is ornamented with a bevy of cured meats, gourmet oils, condiments and cheese. Stimulate all your taste buds in this friendly, deli wonderland. Pick up eccentric gifts for the foodie in your life here.

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super good 3

Super is a trendy boutique with a heart. Items are hand selected and curated all with construction and quality in mind. If you are looking for an alternative to big name brands, and a shop with a cozy feel, Super is just the spot.

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Mercato Monti

mercato good

Located in the heart of Monti, Rome’s hippest neighbourhood- the Mercato Monti is just the place to dig for that one of a kind vintage piece to bring back home. At Mercato Monti, every piece has a story, and no one item is alike. You can grab vintage sunglasses and find limited edition copies of rare books, original art and more. Support local artists, and feel the satisfaction of finding that diamond in the rough.

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