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3 Ways to Treat Yourself in Rome

Moments of sensorial perfection in some unusual and unfamiliar venues.


An exclusive Hammam that gives you a choice of wellness treatments worthy of Ancient Rome, starting with the apodyterium , then moving on to the calidarium and lastly the frigidarium. Pamper yourself with one of the many treatments or massages on offer, shch as the Dead Sea salt face scrub, and the Karité butter body treatment.

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Housed in the original 1923 chocolate factory, this is an unmissable visit for those wanting to treat themselves to artisanal chocolate recipes. The post-industrial environment is hospitable and sophisticated. You can indulge in chocolate therapy in the shop, a café area, and a restaurant where all the recipes include at least a touch of the magical substance.

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Jump aboard this historic 1947 tram and enjoy a jazz concert accompanied by a candle-lit supper, while the most beautiful monuments of the eternal city pass in front of you, like a series of shots on a film reel.

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