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The Best Artisanal Shops In Rome Featured

Whether you are looking for an exclusive gift for a friend, a souvenir to remind you of the eternal city or you are hoping to materialize your love for Rome in the version of something that you can forever cherish - artisan shops can offer the original Roman memorabilia that you are looking for.

Di San Giacomo sandals

If you are looking for shoes made exclusively for you, unlike any other you may find, then Di San Giacomo sandals is a place you must visit. In only thirty minutes, Veronica Santi and Claudio di San Giacomo the owners of the shop handcraft beautiful leather sandals for women, men, and kids each one unique from the others. They also sell other handcraft accessories such as belts, hair clips, and rings. 

di san

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La Bottega Del Marmoraro

Italy is known for its incredible history of art; while you walk around Rome, you will find beautiful statues crafted by renowned sculptures such as Michelangelo. Although owning a sculpture by Michelangelo is a virtually impossible dream to achieve, you can still have your own piece of personalized sculpted Romanesque marble plaques to call it yours. Enrico Fiorentini, the owner of La Bottega Del Marmoraro, will chisel the marble plaque you chose and personalize it with any words you might want to eternalise on Italian marble.

la bottega



What better way to remember your trip to Italy than with a beautiful photographic print? Trevimage is located near the Trevi fountain and is popular amongst locals who are looking for prints of the gorgeous and original photographs taken by the photographer Carlo de Gori, the owner of the shop and studio. At the shop, you can find prints ranging from small to large frames, magnets and other pictorial items that will encapsulate your memories of Rome.


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Polvere di Tempo

Although your trip to the Eternal City has an expiration date, the memorabilia that you will find at Polvere di Tempo does not. The owner of the shop, Adrian Rodriguez, handmakes, or hand embellishes all the items sold at this unique store located in the heart of Trastevere. There you will find hourglasses, maps, globes, candles, thermometers, compasses, sundials and leather-bound travel diaries.


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Saddlers Union

The Saddlers Union was established in 1957, founded by five master craftsmen in leather processing. The shop has two addresses, one in Via Condotti and the other at Via Marguta, known for being "the road of artisans." All Saddlers Union products are handcrafted in Italy and can be made to order.  The exclusive items created by the artisans at the Sadlers Union such as belts, wallets, purses, briefcases, laptop bags, etc., are shaped to the size of individual desires and embellished by a monogram - there is also the option of having the client's name or initials engraved on their bag or briefcase.


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