Davide Cenci

In the historic centre of Rome, on a small street parallel to Palazzo Montecitorio, is an elegant shop dedicated to high-end menswear and accessories that fine gents should not miss.

Since its establishment, more than 90 years ago, the family-run shop on Via Campo Marzio has committed itself from the get-go to a relentless and passionate pursuit of showcasing the best of fine Italian style. And we'd say, so far so good. The service on-premises is certainly in line with their philosophy, so you can expect knowledgeable and friendly staff. Each item you see on the racks, shelves and showcases have been personally selected by them, with collections from the finest Italian brands and emerging designers on the scene, and every seasonal collection brings with it a distinct air of refined elegance and cosmopolitan spirit. A lot of emphasis is placed on the selection of diverse fabrics, from cashmeres to supreme silk, all of which come together to manifest Davide Cenci's eclectic and creative eye. Clientele here are both local and loyal internationalists who travel to Rome and always keep Cenci on their personal list of To-Dos. 


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Davide Cenci

Via Campo Marzio 1/7, 00186 Roma

06 699 0681