Rione Regola: Rome's Small Town Charm

The winding set of streets that depart from Rome’s bustling Campo de’ Fiori comprise one of the capital’s most refined and authentic districts, the Rione Regola.

by Livia Hengel

Radiating an aura of quintessential small-town charm juxtaposed with discreet elegance, this area was historically known for its thriving businesses and craftsmen, including leather tanners, tailors and hat-makers: professions which have been commemorated in the names of the winding cobblestone streets. It now harbours some of the finest galleries, loveliest boutiques and most exceptional restaurants in all of Rome. 

Chez Dédé

Chez Dédé is a gorgeous concept store run by a husband and wife duo with impeccable grace, enviable talent and superlative taste. Daria, a designer, curates the store’s alluring vintage-chic aesthetic while Andrea, an illustrator, paints beautiful prints reminiscent of the Parisian Belle Époque which are also featured on notebooks, scarves and t-shirts. The store is a perfect expression of the couple’s Italian and French roots and truly espouses their ‘je ne sais quoi or ‘non so che’ casual elegance. Chez Dédé is stocked with refined home-wares, curious design items and high-quality accessories by premier brands such as Astier de Villatte, Cire Trudon and Men’s Heritage. The Chez Dédé brand’s signature bags, ‘Le Grand Sac,’ are prominently featured throughout the store in a variety of prints and have seen international success as a unisex sporty-but-chic shopper. Luxury book publisher Assouline has recently begun to adorn the shelves as well, rounding out the whole glamorous affair.

ChezDede1 LiviaHengelChez Dede, Rome

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Montoro12 Contemporary Art

Don’t miss popping into one of Rome’s most dynamic contemporary art galleries while you are walking around the neighbourhood. Located on Via Montoro, the eponymous Montoro12 Contemporary Art gallery was founded in 2012 to promote emerging contemporary artists, both Italian and international, who work across a wide range of media. The gallery is particularly interested in showcasing young talents who create conceptually innovative, and visually powerful, works of art. Montoro12 hosts a diverse range of exhibits each year and it is very active in art fairs abroad in an effort to advance its featured artists on a global scale.

Montoro12MostraDmitriObergfell-IanHagarty CourtesyofthevenueMontoro12 Gallery, Rome

Mondello Ottica

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then shades must be the gates. And the grander and more interesting they are, the more promising the experience beyond the lens. From folding glasses in unusual tones to sharp angles and dramatic materials, every pair of sunglasses at Mondello Ottica is a sight to behold. You will never know how they actually fit or reflect your personality, until you try them on. The shop is full of eccentric styles and colourful wares, and are also a staple piece in every Italian wardrobe. 

 mondello ottica rome newMondello Ottica, Rome

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Myzar Concept Store

This petite boutique stocks handpicked clothes by avant-garde and emerging Italian and international designers. Myzar is a space that combines fashion, art and design; it is Gabriele's own small universe (the owner) where visitors are invited to immerse themselves in diversity in otder to find essence and unity through artistic objects. To this end, you will find accessories and contemporary artwork for sale alongside the seasonal collections. Each of the items is carefully selected to curate the collection, engaging with young designers who deliver the finest clothes 'Made in Italy' and across Europe.


myzarstoreMyzar Store, Rome 

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