Pick up some one of a kind pieces at this delectable little boutique.

Ladies and gents, hats off to one of Rome's finest hat-making establishments.

Treat yourself to some artistic accessories and fragrances in the eternal city.

Cruciani & Bella is one of those specialty shops that resembles a man's personal boudoir, with the air of a writer's work studio mixed with an accountant's meticulous organisation.

In the historic centre of Rome, on a small street parallel to Palazzo Montecitorio, is an elegant shop dedicated to high-end menswear and accessories that fine gents should not miss.

The winding set of streets that depart from Rome’s bustling Campo de’ Fiori comprise one of the capital’s most refined and authentic districts, the Rione Regola.

Historical spaces and contemporary luxury away from the well-trodden sights of Rome.

Embracing la dolce vita is always a good idea, but when in Rome it can be difficult to know where to start...