The Best Wine Bars In Rome Featured

Italian's wine history dates back more than 4,000 years. The country's climate is tastefully suited to viticulture. As a result, Italy is one of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world. Rome, as the capital of Italy, offers the ideal fusion of food, culture and of course, wine. When in Rome these are the best enotecas that you must visit which reunites passion and expertise presented in an amazing bottle of wine.


Trimani is one of Rome's most traditional enotecas, and it is also it's oldest -- have been inaugurated in 1876. The Centennial business has remained a favourite among locals and visitors due to the quality and wide variety of the drinks offered at the shop. Trimani offers over 6,000 labels ranging from Italian wines to bottles from all over the world, sparkling wines, Franciacorta, Champagne, liqueurs and distillates, beers and soft drinks, food refinements and gift packs. In addition, there is the Trimani II Wine Bar located a few metres away from the Trimani original shop, where you can delight yourself with the merging of fantastic wine and Italian cuisine.


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Enoteca Constantini

When in Rome, another traditional and unmissable destination for wine lover's is the Enoteca Constantini. Established by Piero Costantini and his wife Rosy in 1972, the wine shop is characterised by its beautiful doors and wrought-iron Art Nouveau windows. The enoteca is located at the Piazza Cavour, just a few steps away from the Vatican walls. With a wine list containing over 4000 labels, a selection of spirits that reaches 1000 different types, and a cellar of 800 square metres -- the Enoteca Constantini guarantees quality wine from a diversified collection. The Constantini family believes that good food should accompany the experience of savoring a glass of good wine -- for that reason, they have partnered with the ASB, Associazione Sommelier e Buongustai to organise unmissable tasting courses presented at the Enoteca.


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Ai Tre Scalini - Bottiglieria dal 1895

There is a reason why Ai Tre Scalini gathers big crowds of locals and visitors to its doors, apart from the vast selection of labels offered at the restaurant, the ambience and their exceptional food menu keep the customers coming back. So much so that the shop inaugurated in 1895 still runs strong, attracting new customers and welcoming those who have become frequent visitors.


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Rimessa Roscioli

Located a few steps away from Campo de Fiori, Rimessa Roscioli hosts during the evening group tasting dinners where the visitors get to sense the flavours of different regions of Italy, hosted by their team of professional sommeliers. Rimessa Roscioli offers many options of tastings catered to the client's unique needs. The tastings which provide an analysis of Italy’s vast oenological heritage and history of each wine introduced is divided into categories: The Wine & Food Tasting Dinner, which should be scheduled on their website and is the complete wine tasting experience accompanied by dinner. The Tasting Bar, which is a more straightforward but still incredible wine tasting experience and doesn't require booking. The Private Tastings, which can be personalized to the client's specific wants. And also the Taste the Legends experience, which by using the Coravin pouring system, the visitor may sample acclaimed labels and producers from aged Barolo to Brunello to Burgundy and Bordeaux. In addition, Rimessa Roscioli offers Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, a tasting experience of different types of EVO produced in Italy with their oil sommelier as well as cooking classes and wine tours. 


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