The Roman Coffee Scene


How would we explore Rome? Through its cafes of course. Pull up a seat and let everything come to you - the Roman way.  


You can walk around the city of Rome all day long in an attempt to take in the contrasting beauty of this ancient and vibrant metropolis. Or, you can simply pull up a seat and let everything come to you, as it eventually will - the Roman way. LUXOS suggests a visit to these charming cafes during your journey in the Eternal City.

Nero Vaniglia

This neighbourhood artisan's bakery shop is for travellers who religiously practice their morning ritual of 'coffee and croissant'. Located in Garbatella, just behind the Testaccio neighbourhood and steps from the local farmer's market, this bakery cafe uses special coffee beans, all made by artisans and uses French press and cold brews. Bite into the crispy croissants and enjoy the aroma of unique coffee extractions, and you'll also have a chance to wander around a lesser known neighbourhood, well off the tourist route. 

nerovanigliaromeNero Vaniglia, Rome

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Salotto 42

Passing by during the day, you'd never know how happening this place is by night. The vista from this cosy, outdoor cafe and cocktail bar is yet another postcard forever imprinted in your mind, with front row close-ups of the 2nd century Temple of Hadrian. Located in Piazza di Pietra, Salotto 42 is a beautiful place to soak in Rome’s intriguing history, people-watch and cool down with a delicious drink - and philosophize a little. After all, the place was originally opened as a bookbar. Order a caffè shakerato, which is shaken iced coffee served in a cocktail glass. If you plan to come here for a Roman aperitivo, you'll find a selection of cocktails that have earned Salotto42 a spot among the Top 50 Best Bars in the World.

salotto42 rome 2Salotto42, Rome

Barnum Cafe

Barnum is a nice option for American-style coffee and a morning pastry, and the distinct international vibe welcomes many, locals and visitors alike. It is open 24 hours a day which is helpful in the Eternal City (where most kitchens close at 23:00) and is bound to fulfill a traveller's needs for coffee and a desire for something sweet. Perhaps the best kind of coffee on the menu is Barnum's iced marocchino; one shot of espresso served with frothed milk and sprinkled with a generous dose of cocoa powder.

 Barnum LiviaHengelBarnum, Rome

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OTBRED Gourmet Bar

What you will experience at this gourmet bar is another way to eat, with a very pleasant side treat to your coffee - morning or late afternoon. All the pastries and croissants are made using all-natural and pure BIO ingredients, without compromising on flavour, texture or sweetness. You'll also find a menu inspired by artists, continents, musicians, philosophers and classic cities. The design is very urban rustic and relaxed, with a generous dose of Rome's natural attraction to sunshine and daylight. With the Colosseum glaring down at you, you'll in for a great view as well.

otbred romeOTBRED, Rome

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Roscioli Caffè

A newcomer to the coffee scene at Campo dei Fiori but already bearing a distinguished heritage, this caffé is the latest addition to the Roscioli family that already runs a highly acclaimed restaurant and beloved deli in the vicinity. A sleek, modern address, Roscioli Caffè is spearheading a new era of coffee consumption in the capital and makes a delightful caffè con ghiaccio - espresso chilled with ice cubes.

Roscioli Caffe RomeRoscioli Caffe, Rome

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Pasticceria Bompiani

Renovated just last year with a new interiors, Pasticceria Bompiani is the address for a stylish breakfast and chic aperitivo. Morning risers will enjoy the Italian brews alongside classic pastries, or stop by in the afternoon for a refreshing caffe shakerato and a taste of the Millefoglie, Achrome sweets inspired by Italian artist Piero Manzoni, or the Jasmin Tea chocolate pralines. After work hours bring in professional locals for an aperitivo, where fine Italian design is infused everywhere.

Bompiani photocredit SchermafbeeldingSweets with the coffee, Pasticceria Bompiani Rome

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