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Top Nouveau Dining in Rome

If the same-old trattoria or pizzeria just won't do, try one of Rome's up-and-coming restaurants or buzzing bars, filled with young locals

The Eternal City is a heady mix of history, from Ancient Rome's Colosseum, the Forum and the Pantheon, to St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Borghese Gallery from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. But the Italian capital does not just live in the past. Modern Romans are ever-curious: exploring contemporary cuisine, seeking out alternative entertainments in the form of all-night concerts and street parties, or simply wandering through the eclectic, regenerated neighbourhoods to see a slice of life. We've selected these bars on their credentials for being slightly out-of-the-ordinary, offering you a slice of modernity against the backdrop of coffee and cobblestones. Buona passeggiata!

La Locanda del Gatto Nero

la-locanda-del-gatto-nero-USELa Locanda del Gatto Nero

Whether you choose a table in the drawing room, the main dining room with wine kegs, exposed beams and a rustic chandelier, or the covered terrace on a mild day, you will love the seafood specialities here. The restaurant also boasts a wide selection of local and national cheeses, cold cuts as well as the top 100 labels from the best boutique vineyards. 

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Pinsere Roma

pinsere-roma-USEPinsere Roma

If you think pizzas are unhealthy, Pinsere Roma's wholesome treats will change your mind. Made with soy, rice, durum wheat semolina and white flour that are all GMO-free, there are over 20 types of pinsa, all so good that one is never enough. And that's just the point. Much smaller than a regular pizza, pinsa lets you indulge in different fillings, side salads and fruit cups. Now, what's unhealthy about that? 

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Open Baladin

baladin-useOpen Baldin

Open Baladin's impressive wall display with over 100 bottled beers, and another 40 on tap along the very long bar, are just the tip of the iceberg. Founder and brewer Teo Musso takes the simple pleasure of having a beer to new heights with continuous research, development and a lot of wonderful tastings in his breweries. With over a dozen locations in Italy and a couple more abroad, in New York and Riad, Baladin is artisanal Italian beer at its best. 



Angelina has two locations in Rome, one in Testaccio and the other near the Trevi Fountain. Open from 9am, the latter is a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast before you set off on a day of sightseeing, while the former evokes a Provence garden where the aroma of grilled meats, freshly baked bruschette, pizzas and focacce from the wood-fired oven fills the air. Angelina is also a popular choice with the brunch crowd. 

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Open all day, Coromandel serves its breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner with vintage British porcelain in rustic recesses featuring archways and exposed beams. While you will love classics such as egg benedict and croque madame during brunch, the dinner menu with a Japanese flair spotlighting dishes like lamb, katsuobushi and citrus dashi cappellacci, or seitan with teriyaki sauce, spicy basmati rice and black carrot kimchi, will prove to be a refreshing discovery. 

Barnum Café


Brick walls, cosy armchairs and mismatched wooden chairs create a retro-inspired setting at Barnum. This café, named after a sensational 19th-century circus impresario, serves up a winning combination of food, art and music, with wines, artisanal beers and cocktails, just one block off Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. See local artworks displayed inside as the nightly resident DJ spins the music. This is a great place to simply let your hair down. 

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Il Pagliaccio


Chef Anthony Genovese, who has brought with him extensive experience from France, England, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, helms the 2-Michelin-star restaurant Il Pagliaccio. His menu naturally reflects these eclectic cuisines with diverse ingredients, spices and flavours, creating a sensorial journey. The restaurant has just 11 tables and so booking is advised; the impressive wine cellar is proof of its commitment to a rounded gourmet experience.

1 La Locanda del Gatto Nero
2 Pinsere Roma
3 Open Baladin
4 Angelina
5 Coromandel
6 Barnum Café
7 Il Pagliaccio