The classic Italian breakfast The classic Italian breakfast

Top 5 breakfast places in Rome

The best spots to sample caffé e cornetto, the classic Italian breakfast.

People who have been Italy for a while soon learn that caffè & cornetto (coffee and a croissant) is a deceptively simple breakfast combination that actually conceals a vast heritage of culinary culture. As for the cornetto, debates rage on whether it should be buttery (like French croissants) and to what degree, how much fillling it should contain, how large... And as for coffee, it's a whole world of flavour, but for some reason, the espressos that they make in Rome and Naples often better than those of other cities.

Here are our listings for Rome. The first three addresses are more central and have outdoor seating. The others are further out.

Caffé Rosati

Caffé Rosati

A tradition since 1922, Caffé Rosati is famous for its coffee and cornettos, but it also does lunches and pasticceria. Great views onto Piazza del Popolo, indoor and outdoor seating. Perfectly located to start a day of Rome shopping.

Piazza del Popolo 4/5a, 00187 Rome. Tel. +39 06 3225 859, Open every day 7.30 a.m. to 00.30 a.m,

Caffé delle Arti

A lovely bar in one of the wings of Villa Borghese, with beautiful frescoed halls, and an outdoor terrace. Yet another attraction of the lovely location that is Villa Borghese and its gardens.

Via Gramsci 73, 00197 Rome. Tel. +39 06 3265 1236, Closed Mondays,

Caffe delle Arti


A historic bar, pasticceria and ice-cream parlour, with outdoor seating. 

Via Flaminia Vecchia 468, 00191 Rome. Tel. +39 06 3340 986, Closed Mondays,


Fantastic cornetti and pastries, perfect for the breakfast ritual.

Viale Eritrea 140/144, 0199 Rome. Tel. +39 06 8632 5077, Open 6.00 am to late at night, closed Mondays,

Dolci Desideri

Coffee and cornetto, desserts, cakes, the classic local pasticceria.

Via Anton Giulio Barrili 56-62, 00152 Rome. Tel. +39 06 5897 709, Open every day 7.30 am to 9.30 pm,

Evening munchies?

Here's a bonus listing for a pasticceria that is open 24/7 for those sweet-tooth urges that strike at any time of day and night:

Dolce Maniera

A small basement venue, very popular in the evening.

Via Barletta 27, 00192 Rome. Tel. +39 06 3751 7518, Open every day, 24/7,