Rome, the city where rooftop aperitivos turn into long summer nights spent dining al fresco. 

Italian's wine history dates back more than 4,000 years. The country's climate is tastefully suited to viticulture. As a result, Italy is one of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world. Rome, as the capital of Italy, offers the ideal fusion of food, culture and of course, wine. When in Rome these are the best enotecas that you must visit which reunites passion and expertise presented in an amazing bottle of wine.

When thinking of the eternal city, chances are you will think of food. And although delicious plates of pasta, pizza, and uncountable types of cheeses may cross your mind, there are so much more Italian delicacies that you must also try when visiting this Italian mecca of fantastic cuisine. What better way to savour these than during the meal that offers you the best of lunch and breakfast? Here are the top 5 places to have Brunch while in Rome.

Like spaghetti alla carbonara, gelato is easy to find in the centre of Rome, and as any self-respecting foodie can tell you, leaving the Eternal City without sampling its creamy and rich gelato is like committing an unpardonable sin. Be sure to look for a sign saying "artigianale" or "produzione propria", for real home made gelato. Here are some of the best gelaterie where you can sit down or grab a creamy delight on-the-go. 

For food infused with tradition and a building seeping with history, Rome's Antica Pesa is the right choice to make.

Mix coffee and cake with culture and Canova at this deslighful cafe/sculpture experience.

Find a taste of England in the heart of the eternal city, with Babington's tea room.

For some of Rome's hidden gems and undercover treasures, head to the Chiostro Del Bramante.

Cosy up for a coffee at Cafe Colbert this winter.

Michelin-starred dinner, a bottle of the finest red wine and an unforgettable view. Sounds like a dream at La Pergola.