LUXOS Privacy Policy

General premises

This website and its contents have been prepared and will be disciplined in accordance with the laws in force in the Italian Republic. In case that the user does not intend to accept, in whole or in part, the conditions set out below, he is required to end the consultation of the website.


Disclaimer about the contents of this website

This sit is owned by Luxos Italia srl (hereinafter "Luxos") with registered office in Milano, Via Pietrasanta n. 14, who runs it reserving itself, with full discretion within legal limits, the right to modify, suspend or cancel, freely and without notice, terms, conditions contained in the latter.
Luxos publishes the usual material in the website as part of a disclosure activity related to the commercial purpose pursued by the company. Therefore the company does not guarantee that the contents on the website will be suitable for any purpose and/or special practice of the Users and does not grant responsibility for any damage or lost profit suffered by Users resulting from the information contained in the website.

Disclaimer about the access and usage of the contents of this website

Luxos ensures that this website has been set up and, as far as possible, it will be managed applying every reasonable technique and instrument capable of ensuring a proper and continuous operability of the website. However, in relation to the current state of knowledge and technology, Luxos cannot exclude that sometimes some malfunction and/or other failures may occur.
Consequently, accessing the site, the User agrees upon the following statements:

a) the website or a part of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunctions and/or flaws within the connection or in case of events that find themselves outside Luxos control sphere;
b) Luxos, except when it has been otherwise specified, has no control over the nature or content of the Users transmitted/received programs nor examines, at any level, the methods of use of the website;
c) Luxos does not accept responsibility for the materials used and for the conducts kept by the users within the browsing of the website;
d) Luxos assumes no responsibility for the transmission on the Users device of any viruses nor other harmful content originated by third parties.

Entering in the website, the User::

a) must not use the website or the contained material to serve illegal purposes or as a tool to disseminate or distribute in any way material or content that preorders the commission of an illegal activity;
b) must not use the website to interrupt, damage or make a part or the whole of it less efficient or in order to harm, in any way, the effectiveness or functionality of the website;
c) must not use the website for transmission or placement of viruses or any other material which is defamatory, offensive, obscene or threatening or that somehow can create displeasure, inconvenience or any damage;
d) must not use the website to constitute a violation of the rights recognized in favor of both natural and legal persons (including, but not limited to them, copyright or confidentiality rights);
e) must not use the website to transmit advertising and/or promotional material without the written permission of Luxos.

Rules related to the creation of the web links and/or towards other third-party websites

The creation of links to this website, without Luxos prior written consent, is carried out under the sole responsibility of the author of the link. In any case, the company reserves itself the right to demand the removal at any time of the links connected to the website.

This site may contain links to other websites owned by third parties. These third party websites, accessible by the user by activating the link and getting out of this website are not under the control of Luxos that, therefore, declines any responsibility for their content nor can Luxor, in any way, ensure their proper functioning.

The inclusion of any link does not imply any endorsement of the content of websites connected by Luxos. The User, therefore, must take note and comply with the terms of use applicable in the mentioned third party websites. Similarly, activating any link to this website, even if authorized by Luxos, does not imply any endorsement by the latter of the content on the linked website nor any exception to the present Terms of Use.

The use of Cookies

This website uses “cookies”, in accordance with the current legislation and for the only purpose of facilitating the users browsing. “Cookies” are information that could be stored by your browser on the hard disk and that help to verify some features of the User. Most browsers automatically allow "cookies" but the user can set up the browser differently. In this last case, the User will not have access to the content of the site.

Users Personal Data obtained by Luxos through the website will be handled in accordance with present regulations and in particular in accordance to the Legislative Decree 196/2003. It is understood that the User, whenever Luxos will collect Personal Data through the website, will be invited to read the information sheet in accordance to art. 13 of the quoted Legislative Decree 196/2003, which will be provided for this purpose by the owner and the User will be invited to give his approval to such treatment as better specified in the privacy policy.