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The 3 Best Flower Markets in Paris Featured

 Where to find your spring bouquet.

by Ann Bargstedt

Spring is beginning to ease its was into starting in Paris, a daunting phenomenon that can be as frustrating as it is joyous. The winter cold is just about gone and the locals know that it is time to abandon the warmth of their homes for all that awaits in the parisian streets. Follow them and find that among the many wonders of Paris are its flower markets. An excursion to one of these will lead to fine works of art, historical landmarks, a cafe or two, and the perfect bouquet. This bundle of fresh cut flowers will be the perfect reminder of the joy that is Paris as well as the summer days to come.

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Le Marché aux Fleurs

Perfectly situated between Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle, Le Marché aux Fleurs embodies the quintessential vision of a parisian flower market. The displays of flowers alone are seemingly endless, but somehow their abundance does nothing to diminish the individual beauty of each blossom. This market is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 7:30 PM .

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Marché Président-Wilson

Aside from crepes, fresh produce, and other French finery, one can find blooming flowers at Marché Président-Wilson. An entire day could easily be dedicated to this outing, especially because the market is located directly next to Palais de Tokyo, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and Palais Galliera. The market is held every Wednesday and Saturday, from the morning into the early afternoon.  

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Le 69 Bac

This boutique flower shop serves as a traditional florist out of an unorthodox venue. Le 69 Bac itself was designed by architect Mélanie Lallemand, who won the award Prix Best of Design- Houzz 2018. The shop offers fresh cut flowers as well as custom arrangements that reflect the unique nature of the store. This perfection comes out of a storefront located just up the street from Musée Maillol and is open Monday 10 AM until 7:30 PM and Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 AM until 8 PM.

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