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How to Experience Parisian Spring

Wonderful in any season, Paris really oozes beauty and glamour in the spring. Plan a trip to explore the City of Light when the flowers are blooming and the café terraces are open all day.

Stroll Through one of Paris' Best Street Markets

The shopping market once frequented by Julia Childs remains full of the colloquial charm it’s many local shops have always possessed. From specialty delicatessens to organic beauty shops and quaint cafes, Rue Cler is the best market street for finding adorable and delicious hidden gems in Paris. Additionally, Rue Cler is a pedestrian street, making for a peaceful stroll through the shops and cafes.Rue Cler

Enjoy the sunshine on a Cafe Terrace
Paris is home to over 7000 cafes, many featuring beautiful outdoor terraces primed for people watching and enjoying fresh French delicacies in the sunny weather. Café du Trocadero is the quintessential Parisian café, with waiters in white aprons serving classic French dishes as the Eiffel Tower shines brightly in the background. The café provides an exceptional place to sit and relax on the terrace and watch the Eiffel Tower light up once the sun has set.

Cafe du Trocadero

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Attend a Festival
See the gorgeous Grand Palais be transformed into the ultimate stop for decadent food enthusiasts at the Taste of Paris food festival. For four days each spring the Taste of Paris festival brings together the best chefs in the city serving their signature dishes to visitors. More than 100 artisans and food producers have pop-up shops at the festival, so guests can be sure to take home some of their favourite new foods and products.

taste of paris

Explore Art & Nature
Nestled into a quiet side street, the Musee Rodin provides a beautiful escape from the bustle of Paris. The museum is home to some of Rodin’s most famous works of art. While the museum is wonderful any time of the year, the Sculpture Garden is best enjoyed in the serene springtime. Surrounded by blooming flowers, neatly cut grass and elegant fountains, Rodin’s sculptures are placed throughout the garden creating a romantically picturesque venue. The gardens at Musee Rodin are the place to go to enjoy the charm and sunshine of Paris.

musee rodin

Shop Beautiful French Boutiques
The ornate covered walkway at Galerie Vivienne expels luxury. Built in 1823, the 176-metre row of shops is covered by a glass roof and illuminated by a hand-crafted mosaic tile floor. Galerie Vivienne has specialty boutiques perfect for the fashionable shopper looking for exclusive Parisian apparel. The Galerie was made a certified historic monument in 1974, and even houses the first Jean-Paul Gaultier boutique.

Galerie Vivienne

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