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Midnight in Paris

Winding around the narrow streets of the city centre, under a dark blue sky, is one of those unforgettable moments; no matter how many times you visit Paris. Experience your own 'Midnight in Paris' the LUXOS way.

by Lavinia Pisani

At moonlight, the city is encompassed by a mysterious, medieval air that inspires you to stay out and enter a bar or two, or clubs to glimpse at the way locals dress, look and act.

 Don't you wish there was a spot where you could cross paths with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso? The good news is that some of the Belle Époque bars are still around and Le Select, located on Montparnasse Boulevard, is one of them. Featuring an array of 100 malt whiskies, this is a great spot for stranger-in-the-night conversations about the meaning of life, of course!

1513252748 leselect

Don’t be put off by its appearance because Candelaria is a true hidden gem. Mexican taqueria by day and cocktail bar by night, all it takes is for you to get to the back of the tiny spot to get to the stone-walled, cosy bar. The huge list of tequilas seems to offer possibly the capital's best margarita!

For a high-end classic, Café Marly is where to go have a drink, while looking at the iconic glass pyramids in the Louvre courtyard. The interior features padded seats and golden woodwork. It shows a flamboyant mixture of Napoleon III, rococo gilt, and contemporary design signed by Olivier Gagnère and Yves Taralon. The spirit’s menu is extensive, with proposals ranging from raspberry and pear brandy to Tanqueray gin; in terms of food, French classics with Far Eastern additions are available.

1513252721 cafemaryl

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Let’s have a dance at Les Disquaires, the musical hot gathering located in the Bastille district. The style is minimalist and the sound funk, soul and jazzy. Starting 8pm the bar hosts public concerts whereas at 10pm DJs start to spin that hip-hop wheel. When in the neighbourhood keep Badaboum in mind, a concert-hall that mainly plays electro.

No trip to Paris is complete without entering at least one former call house. Delaville Café evokes a long way gone age of ballerinas and aristocrats walking up the grand stairs with Corinthian columns. The Marguery has become one of the capital’s great “pleasure houses” and today is still a local favourite. Offering cabaret evenings, DJs sets and exhibitions, every day there is a festive crowd that still uses that iconic staircase.

1513252737 Candelaria

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