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Top 7 Cinemas in Paris Featured

From Midnight in Paris to Moulin Rouge and Taken, Paris is one of the most famed cities in Europe when it comes to the big screen. However, you might be wondering where you can relax for the night with a film and popcorn, instead of appearing in famed film sets. Allow us to share our top cinemas in the city of light..

by Lavinia Pisani

Having seen Paris featured in so many movies, you might not consider actually going to watch one when in town, after all we have the French to thank for the invention of Film Noir. However, it doesn’t mean this isn’t something worth doing, especially during winter when the air is too crisp and wet to stay out. No need to skip this during summer either though; the city has plenty of movie lovers that enjoy renting a deck chair under the starry sky at the open-air film festival in La Villette, between July 20th and August 20th.

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Inaugurated in 1935, Le Balzac is an art-deco theatre that first screened major Hollywood productions. Then, after the Second World War, French cinema took centre stage, lending the spotlight to directors including Jacques Tati. Considered as a contemporary cinema house, MK2 Bibliothèque offers spacious screening rooms and extra modern comforts and facilities, MK2 has all the films and sweet treats to pass a rainy afternoon. There are several cinemas across town.

Home to one of the world’s largest film archives, the Cinémathèque Française hosts daily screenings of international films in original languages with subtitles. Make sure to take a look at Le Musée du Cinéma with its special temporary exhibitions first.

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Studio des Ursulines is one of Paris’s unique cinemas, with an original façade that has been preserved since its inception and a vision that has placed art and experimental cinema in the spotlight. Screening films for more than 100 consecutive years, Cinéma du Panthéon opened its doors in 1907 and is one of the city’s oldest cultural establishments. For the largest screen in Paris, head to Le Grand Rex with its 252 square metre dimension and 2800 seats (the largest number in Europe). Brush up on your language skills as movies are usually dubbed in French!

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