Paris: Out of the Ordinary Featured

Paris is a classic city with many exotic and quirky twists to be discovered. 


Pierre Sang on Gambey

Pierre Sang Boyer 

Want some mystery with your meal? If so, Pierre Sand on Gambey is the place for you. Once you tell the waiter the number of dishes you want and the price range, you won’t know what you’re going to eat till the plates come out of the kitchen. It is certainly a special dining experience, tailored to whatever you want in the moment, and made by the best chefs Paris has to offer, but with a South Korean twist. The chef, Sang, is a famous chef in Paris and worldwide and he is known for his French South Korean food combinations and fresh ingredients. You won’t be disappointed by this exciting dining experience. 

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Museum of Vampires 


Paris has many interesting and quirky places that are hidden around the city. One of them includes the ‘Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures.’ Hidden in the middle of Les Lilas, a small door opens up to a world of vampires, mimicking a cemetery-like feel. The creator of the museum, Jacques Sirgent, a specialist of the macabre opened up the museum as a visual manifestation of his research on vampirism and folklore. Come explore the cryptic history of Paris in this unique museum. A place that was curated with delicacy and intricacy, through a lifetime of collecting these special and rare artifacts, ranging from texts to objects that all tell a very interesting story.

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Although this might not be the number one destination for a tourist in Paris, Deyrolle has become a tourist attraction. This taxidermy shop has been open since 1831, and is full of many exotic animals, which are all, of course, stuffed. Even if you’re not there to purchase taxidermy it is definitely a sight to see in Paris. You might be surprised as to how many animals there are there and the selection of species, it’s almost as if you are going to a unique animal exhibit.

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