Gardens and Green Spaces in Paris Featured

Even in the city of lights, green spaces and gardens pop up around every corner. 

Garden of Peace


The Garden of Peace is a United Nations UNESCO world heritage cite, located at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The garden was designed by Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. His work in this particular garden is acknowledged in the architectural world as one of the most influential pieces of artwork. The garden is based off of the traditional Japanese Zen garden and a hint of abstract formalism. The design of the garden is inspired by Noguchi’s internationalism and the spirit of UNESCO. The garden is truly a piece of artwork that is a great place to find so peace.

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The Nose 

nose shop paris 

Once you enter Nose you experience the finest scents of Paris. This elegant fragrance boutique is the place to pick out the perfect aroma for yourself. They are truly the fragrance experts, as well as having an assortment of different fragrance brands, they also have a boutique where they can work with you to find your personal fragrance. All the beauty fragrances are high quality and some of their products are very rare to come across. If you’re looking for a truly one of a kind fragrance shopping experience that your nose will enjoy, Nose is the place for you.

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Café de l'Homme


You can eat a fine French meal while practically touching the Eiffel tower at this elegant and magical café, located right under the the shadow of the magnificent structure. But even if you won’t be sitting outside, the atmosphere inside is just as elegant and special. The restaurant sits on top of the Musée de l’Homme and serves classic French cuisine with an international influence. Don’t miss any of their mouth watering meals and don’t leave before you try desert. 

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