Made in France: Paris Originals Featured


See what France has to offer with the best restaurants, shops and sights originally from Paris. 


La Botte Gardiane 

 La Botte Gardiane Marais


True French products are made in France and La Botte Gardiane has been proudly producing shoes that were made in France for more than 50 years. Recently their designs were displayed at Paris fashion shows and they have created new and more modern products that modern customers love. All their shoes are made and designed in France by French craftsman and artisans. Their shoes are made to last a lifetime and made by hand. These are quality shoes that are chic, comfortable and classic. 

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 Le Taillevent

Le Taillevent 

In a country where food is considered an art, Le Taillevent is the very best of the best in the world of fine dining in France. A world renown restaurant serving consistently spectacular food, this is a place for anyone into the world of ‘extreme’ fine dining. The restaurant which is dedicated to a famous chef from the middle ages is located in the mansion of the Duke of Morny. A good spot for a special occasion. And the best of the best traidition Parisian cuisine. 

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Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens 

A garden in a quiet part of Paris devoted to relaxation and greenery. In the garden you will find the Fountain of the Observatory and many different statues of famous queens and saints. If you’re looking for a place to bring your kids, this garden is the perfect place because it has a fenced in playground with a vintage carousel. Go check out the hundreds of different statues and artwork throughout the garden and enjoy a calm walk in the gardens of Paris.

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