Palace of Versailles

Wander through the court of Marie Antoinette, admire her elegant and extravagant palace and learn about the end of the French monarchy at this must-see French landmark.

One of the hallmarks of a trip to Paris or even to France in general is visiting the Palace of Versailles. You’ve surely seen pictures of this magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful French spectacle, so now is the chance to see the artwork in person. The French royals knew how to create their own work of luxurious art in a form of a palace. The fine artistic details cover ever corner and the paintings and other works of art will leave you speechless. Versailles is a symbol of the absolute monarchy system of the ancient French regime. Go see how the French kings lived and ruled in pure luxury.

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Palace of Versailles

Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

+33 1 30 83 78 00