The Montparnasse Tower

Stand on top of the Montparnasse Tower and enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful panoramic view of the city of lights.

Look at the Paris Panorama from the Montparnasse Tower – In order to truly appreciate the city of lights, witnessing the Paris Panorama is a must. Whether you want to see the sun shine over the city of love, or the Eiffel Tower lit up with thousands of small lights, the Montparnasse Tower is the place to go. The best view is on the 59th floor of the Tower right in the heart of Paris, where there is a big observatory deck. Take Europe’s fastest elevator to the indoor interactive observatory where you can learn more about Paris’s history and culture. Then make sure you get up to the roof, that is about 210 meters above the streets, where a breath-taking 360-degree panoramic view of Paris is waiting for you.

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Montparnasse Tower

33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, France

+33 1 45 38 52 56