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5 Scenic Terrace Bars in Paris

Celebrate warm Parisian evenings with a cocktail or French signature wine while admiring the world's most beautiful city.

by Lindsay McCallum & Daisy Muller

 Le Châlet des Iles

Le Chalet des Iles

Nestled in the Boulogne woods on the banks of its lower lake, the recently renovated Châlet des Iles is an address that guarantees a change of scenery from the daily Parisian hustle and bustle. A quaint wooden cabin lined with tables set out in a lakeside garden provides a unique countryside setting in Paris. Enjoy a beautiful quiet evening sipping on  refreshments and delicious French fare, such as the restaurant's grilled octopus or raspberry cheesecake. 

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Molitor Rooftop

molitor terrasse 0831

A locale that manifests your summer holiday fantasies, the Art Deco-style Molitor hotel’s rooftop terrace is the crowning glory of this Jean-Philippe Nuel-designed hotel. The terrace commands 360° views and looks down onto the dazzling blue of the outdoor hotel pool. Adorned with islets of deck chairs hidden among meadow foliage and flowers, the rooftop is the perfect spot for sunbathing with a glass of rosé in hand while waiting on the barbecue. The terrace is open (weather permitting) from 11.30 am till 2 am.

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Georges at Centre Pompidou


This rooftop bar on the top of Centre Pompidou is not just a landmark, but a place to enjoy a glass of wine, appetizers and a wonderful view overlooking this fabulous city. While the restaurant inside is quite trendy with its bold and modern design, Georges does not disappoint. Outside, decor is simple and minimalist with spacious chairs, and long stemmed roses. With a glass of wine, a refreshing dessert, the sunset and great company, it's more than you'll ever need to welcome Parisian nights. 

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Terrass'' Rooftop Bar

terrass bar

One of the city's cosiest and most sophisticated rooftop bars, Terrass'' offers a magical panoramic view of Paris. During the spring and summer months, the spacious terrace is lush with flowers and greenery, and comfortable sofas mean long lingering evenings. The rooftop bar has a great selection of wines and cocktails and is a great starting point for a night out. In the early evening, you can still catch the sunset with a glass of wine and the world practically at your feet.

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Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir1

Le Perchoir is both a hip place for cocktails overlooking the rooftops and your new favourite gastronomic feast at their restaurant below. Up on the seventh floor, you'll discover a terrace with comfy sofas, large tables and cozy nooks ideal for secluded conversation while enjoying the sun. The blooming bouqets of plants and flowers surrounding you will help the city noise fade into the background. See the sun set above over the Sacré-Coeur, an unforgettable and picture perfect experience. 


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