Anticafé, Paris Anticafé, Paris

Paris' best co-working spaces

Whether you're a local freelancer or in the city on business and looking for somewhere to work, these our 5 favourite nooks for nomadic office-seekers in Paris


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New cafés and co-working spaces with rates by the hour (3 to 5 euros) and coffee and cake on tap are shaking up in the working world, so instead of staying cooped up at home alone, grab your laptop and mingle with the like-minded at one of these cool and cosy connected spaces in Paris.

Anticafé: the hard-working pioneer

The first café of its kind, it got the ball rolling in 2013 for the slews of co-working spaces that ensued. The Anticafé was the first to offer coffee and snacks as well as good Wi-Fi all day for a daily or hourly rate, giving nomad types a space to congregate, have meetings, and feel part of the working world. A winning concept, the pioneering founders rolled the concept out on the rue de Richelieu close to the Louvre, in Olympiades, République and outside Paris in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France and even as far as Rome in Italy. One of the key aspects of the concept here is the food, which is homemade using fair trade produce grown within a 40km radius of each café.

Nuage: the quintessential Parisian charmer


More of silver lining than a nuage (cloud), this little Latin Quarter haven packed with soul and technology has it all – in fact, a more beautiful office would be hard to come by. Built in the 14th century, it’s here that libertine writer Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, who inspired Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, studied in the 1600s. Completely connected, you can order food (cookies and Nutella on baguette) and fresh coffee from your seat, hook up to the space’s playlists, book your place online so you don’t leave the cosy confines of your living room for nothing, and do a little snooping into who your desk neighbour is by looking up their profile in the Nuage files. To top it off there’s even a concierge who’ll provide you with chargers, cables and he’ll even call you a cab at the end of the day if you ask nicely.

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Le 10h10: the retro design haven

Le-10h10Le 10h10

Stylish and comfortable, this little retro nook in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris is split on two levels. With Rockabilly chairs and 50s sideboard, you would be forgiven for confusing the 10h10 with a vintage furniture store – until you step inside, that is. Energy is flowing to the tap tap tap of fingers on keyboards and an eclectic mix of music in the background. Creative types come to exchange ideas while nursing a cup of coffee in the floodlit kitchen in between work sessions. Nomads can pop by for an hourly, daily or weekly rate – although do get there early if you want to be sure of getting a space at one of the timber tables.

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Draft: the sun-seeking New Yorker


Bright and light, Draft is located out of the way in the 18th arrondissement’s Brooklyn style eco-friendly Halle Pajol. Equipped with everything you need from Wi-Fi to printers, the highlight is the interior terrace complete with deckchairs for those all-important meetings while topping up on your Vitamin D. Draft offers co-working staples of tea, coffee and snacks, and for something more substantial, you can head downstairs to one of the Halle’s eateries like Bob’s Bakeshop for a bagel or Les Petites Gouttes for French style brasserie fare. The Halle also has an eco-garden to sit or stroll in and air your lungs in between work sessions. The downside? You may want to spend the day sunbathing instead of working.

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Café Craft: the culinary connoisseur

Cafe-Craft-5Café Craft

Super slick Café Craft by design firm Pool makes for a great escape for freelancers – beats battling to focus when the neighbours are having a shouting match next door or when those road works outside sound like they are right there in your living room. Design focused, the chairs are so comfortable you might be tempted to steal one for your desk at home. The Lomi coffee (roasted right here in Paris) is on tap, and if tea is more your bag, then you’re in for top-notch brews from Dammann Frères. The food at Craft alone is enough to kick you out of bed and onto the metro armed with your laptop. Offering crunchy banana granola and yoghurt, breakfast burritos or something sweet from Rachel’s at brunch on Saturdays to other goodies throughout the week, you’ll want to move it – but beware, with only eight places, you might need to get there at the crack of dawn to nab one.

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