Cabaret in Paris: one hundred years of fun Moulin Rouge

Cabaret in Paris: one hundred years of fun

It's the dance spectacle that's been bringing a joy to locals and tourists for over a century and, now more popular than ever, we bring you the best cabaret clubs in Paris

Get nostalgic in the City of Love with can-cans and and champagne. Ever since the days of the Moulin Rouge, Paris has been associated with puffy skirts and fishnet stockings. Maybe its not what the Parisians choose to do on a Friday night, but if you love dancing and tradition, you can't miss the cabaret

Désirs at Crazy Horse


Crazy Horse, Antoine Poupel Chuchotements

A tribute to feminine beauty, the Parisian burlesque cabaret was originally founded in the 50s and became a veritable icon in 2005 when it changed hands. Today, ‘Le Crazy’ is renowned worldwide for the glamorous and sophisticated sensuality encapsulated in its shows performed by nude female dancers and created by the revered choreographer Philippe Découflé. The cabaret has seen some of the most talented artists perform on its stage including the sassy Dita Von Teese. Unlike other large cabarets in Paris, the Crazy Horse has all the class and state-of-the-art technology of an upmarket theatre. Its shows exude Belle Époque glitz but with a chic contemporary twist, giving it its unique appeal. 

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Paris April 2011


The Moulin Rouge is a legend in the cabaret world. Movies and books have been written about it, and many paintings have depicted the famous red windmill that stands over the theatre. Though it is definitely the most toursity of Paris' cabarets, it is a legend for a reason. This cabaret has boasted some of the world's most famous burlesque dancers and, of course, is the home of the can-can.

Mugler Follies


Mugler Follies

At ManfredThierry Mugler’s newly created cabaret, some of the city’s most talented dancers, acrobats, singers and comedians come together to bring the audience a glitzy night of joie de vivre, eroticism and magic like no other. Launched last year, the show, which is part performance and part theatre, tells the story of a woman whose dream is to become a tightrope walker,  the audience following her numerous wondrous encounters along the way. 

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Created in 1946, the Lido occupies a prime spot on the Champs Élysées and remains an institution in the art du nu (the art of the nude). This year, the Lido reinvents itself with a much-talked-about new show that celebrates Parisian elegance. The show is set to blow audiences away with sophisticated new sets blurring the boundaries of space and time but with all the glamour embodied by the Lido.

Boeuf sur le Toît


Bouef sur le Toît

Created in the roaring ‘20s, the Art Deco Boeuf sur le Toît was a lively and refined jazz venue for dancing, and singing and a gathering place for artists, writers, couturiers and musicians including Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. While the cabaret is now more of an upmarket restaurant, its twice-monthly jazz performances are popular. 

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Au Lapin Agile


Patrick Viall

Au Lapin Agile has been one of the world's most iconic cabarets with some of the most well-known patrons, such as Charlie Chaplin and Pablo Picasso. Even through its well-deserved fame, it has kept a historic Parisian cabaret charm. When you enter you are transported to the height of the cabaret, the scene of struggling artists and writers at the turn of the century, and one cannot help but recall Picasso's famous painting of the place (Harlequin with glass). Best of all, tickets are reasonable, drinks are cheap, and the dancing is unrivalled.

1 Au Lapin Agile
2 Moulin Rouge
3 Le Crazy Horse
4 Mugler Follies
5 Lido
6 Boeuf sur le Toît