Aged theatres continue to bring new life to this romantic city.

The city of lights boasts a love for the theatre.

While Paris might seem like it’s putting on a perpetual fashion show, donning the streets with trends from runways past, the most anticipated shows are about to begin.

The shows not to miss this winter.

Make the most of your stay with must-visit spots and activities in the French capital. 

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Take a jog around the city while enjoying the scenic views of Paris. 

Explore the beautiful city of Paris and discover the escapes that the city has to offer.

Wonderful in any season, Paris really oozes beauty and glamour in the spring. Plan a trip to explore the City of Light when the flowers are blooming and the café terraces are open all day.

Winding around the narrow streets of the city centre, under a dark blue sky, is one of those unforgettable moments; no matter how many times you visit Paris. Experience your own 'Midnight in Paris' the LUXOS way.