Speciality Shops in Paris

Haute couture, macarons, eau de parfum and more: where to pick up a piece of the Parisian lifestyle.

by Sarah Leonhardt

Whether you’ve flown in for the food, the art, or to spend all day sipping café au lait outside a corner coffee shop, a key ingredient to a Paris vacation is shopping. However you choose to spend, be sure to do it stylishly at one of these top locales selling premier Parisian products.

Buy: Macarons
Where: Ladurée



This chic pastry store that has been influencing Parisian coffee shop culture since 1862 is a must-stop for macarons. Experience the sweetness and lightness of the classic French dessert at Ladurée flavours like rose petal, orange blossom, and salted butter caramel. An exquisite box could be the perfect take-away gift for someone back home, that is if you have the self-restraint not to sneak them all for yourself.

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Buy: Parisian fashion
Where: Le Bon Marché

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Le Bon Marché: an infamously modish department store that should be shopped at if only to gain a sliver of its grandeur. Inside its three towering stories lie premier designer collections that will offer you a most complete selection of Parisian style. Shop amidst the ornate yet contemporary interior.

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Buy: Perfume
Where: Nose

perfume-1794111 1280Nose, Pixabay

For finding fragrance that perfectly complements who you are, Nose parfumerie in Paris is the best in the business. The fragrance shop has a dedication to giving customers the time and resources needed to choose a scent they love from a large selection of premier fragrance brands. Receive a custom Nose diagnosis upon entry and walk away with your own custom scent.

Buy: Niche beauty finds
Where: Oh My Cream !

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Discerningly stocked with only the effective and the coveted in beauty buys, Oh My Cream ! offers skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products that could quite possibly revolutionise your life. Shopping in one of their Paris concept stores offers you the chance to consult with a specialist and pick out your favourite brands to take home.

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Buy: Home decor
Where: Merci

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Among its clothes and perfumes is the extensive home goods collection from Merci, a well-known concept store selling top items for design lovers to fawn over. Pick up a marble serving plate for all of the French cheese you now love, or a few of their food and art books for your coffee table. Merci’s library and cafe are also worth sampling while you’re there.

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