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Paris: Top Shopping Arcades

Some of the French capital's best gems are tucked away in centuries-old arcades; we bring you our top picks.

Galerie Vivienne

18036266492 04b2fddba8 bWikimedia

Arguably the most beautiful of the capital's arcades, this Empire-style passage was once home to convict-turned-private detective Eugène-François. Today, Galerie Vivienne is thriving with a fine collection of women's prêt-à-porter stores and Caves Legrand, a historic fine wine tasting bar. Ideal for your afternoon stroll through the Parisian streets.

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Passage du Grand Cerf

Grand Cerf lillustre boutiqueGrand Cerf lillustre boutique

The tallest of Paris' arcades, and once home to the stage coaches of the royal message service. The regal vibes of Passage du Grand Chef have certainly returned today, thanks to a restoration and some unforgettable hot spots: the stylish men’s store Glasscove and modern illustration store L'Illustre Boutique. We invite you to shop like royalty.

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Galerie Véro-Dodat

Galerie Vero-Dodat 16 May 2013Wikimedia

Véro-Dodat is remarkable for its decor and unity, and has been since 1826. Several techniques were used to make it appear longer while Hermes and Satyr stand above its entrance. Of note today are the photo exhibitions at the Galerie du Passage and the store of superstar French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

Galerie Colbert

Galerie Colbert Wikipedia CommonsMarmontelGalerie Colbert

Built just after Galerie Vivienne, the two arcades were fierce competitors until Galerie Colbert became a commercial failure. Once home of fashion stores and reading rooms, it today serves as the offices for culture and art history institute INHA. The restaurant Le Grand Colbert, featured in many films, is close to the entrance, and the perfect stop for a Hollywood kiss with your Parisian lover.

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Passage des Panoramas

Panoramas caffè sternPanoramas Caffè Stern

One of the first arcades to be built, Passage des Panoramas has always enjoyed success thanks to its proximity to the grands boulevards. Known for its philatelists, the first gas lighting test in a public place was held here in 1817. Today, it’s still a hive of activity with a wealth of restaurants: one of the most notable is Caffè Stern, an Italian café/restaurant in a former engraver’s atelier. 

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