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Shop these boutiques for the best vintage haute couture.

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For a first timer, or even a seasoned regular, trying to work out where to go shopping in Paris can be a bit of a headache. Allow our insider knowledge to make sure you're equipped with the right resources to successfully spend your hard earned money.

If there is one thing we’re sure the Parisian’s can do, after romance, is dressing well. French men frequently in neutral tones, evoke an ‘old soul’ that is often replicated all over the world. Explore one of our top independent Menswear stores, and you too can embrace the Parisian style.

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A guide to the city’s most exclusive enclave of designer boutiques, three-Michelin star eats, luxurious spas and famed cultural attractions.

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Everyone knows Paris is the centre of the world for shopping, but where should you go?

Find fun, modern designs at this boutique tucked away into a little side street of Paris.

Zadig et Voltaire features luxurious, modern designs that evoke the styles and charismatic characters of Voltaire's novel Zadig, the inspiration for the store's brand.