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Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
Published in Hotels

An exceptional place of luxury and rejuvenation can be found in the heart of Tokyo.

Hotels with a View Over the Bosporus
Published in Hotels

 Istanbul invites you to take in views of the Bosporus for the weekend

Les Jardins du Faubourg
Published in Hotels

 Parisian luxury in a boutique hotel

Las Casas de el Arenal
Published in Hotels

Embrace the warm athmosphere of Seville at this cosy hotel. 

Titano Suites Hotel San Marino
Published in Hotels

 Enjoy the privilege of your very own suite with TITANO SUITES.

Hotel Le Walt
Published in Hotels

With colours and passion, Hotel Le Walt is a canvass on which you paint your own Paris.

Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
Published in Hotels

 Stay in the midst of all the highlights in Luzern with Hotel Schweizerhof.

Hotel Le Tourville
Published in Hotels

 A couple books and a typewriter in your suitcase sitting by the window of a hustling train...that’s what it feels like at Hotel Le Tourville.

Hotel Le Monna Lisa
Published in Hotels

Carving out your dream hotel one stroke at a time, Hotel Le Monna Lisa is every bit as classic and elegant as a sculpted icon.