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Les Jardins du Faubourg

 Parisian luxury in a boutique hotel

by LUXOS Editorial 16 April 2019

Le Jardins du Fauborg is located in the center of Paris and is just a short walk from Il Champs-Élysées. In addition to high quality amenities, the staff strives to provide simply elegant services that make guests feel an intimate closeness to the exclusivity of such an experience as well as Paris itself. Every detail of this hotel has been curated as to exude the highest level of refinement, with high, arching ceilings and lavish decor. These luxuries are also extended to pets as the hotel is pet-friendly. Opening in Spring 2019, Le Jardins du Fauborg epitomizes French finery.

Under the direction of Chef Bruno Doucet, La Regalade operates as the hotel’s restaurant. Chef Doucet offers a menu of refined dishes. These are served in conjunction with the hotel’s bar, Le Confidentiel, provide not just dining options but culinary delights that perfectly match the romantic atmosphere created by the twinkling lights and sweet smelling jasmine flowers that adorn the courtyard.

Guests are also invited to enjoy the hotel’s pool, sauna, steam bath, and fitness center that make up the hotel’s wellness area. For those seeking a bit of privacy, the spa also offers a menu of treatments that are provided either in the massage rooms or in private rooms. This service has been designed specially by Oliver Lecocq, the spa’s director. Thanks to his wellness expertise, which is rooted in his 20 years of experience, as well as the overarching intimate manner of the hotel’s service create an exclusive pampering experience.

Les Jardins du Faubourg

9 rue d'Aguesseau-75008 Paris

+33 1 86 54 15 15

Les Jardins du Faubourg

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