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Hôtel Chavanel

Discover the art of French living in this compact contemporary family owned boutique hotel.

by 11 February 2015

Located in the Madeleine area between the Eglise (church) de la Madeleine and the main shopping hub boulevard Haussmann, the four-star Hotel Chavanel is all about contemporary understated luxury and elegance. Nestled discreetly between sophisticated Haussmann-style facades the hotel’s concept store is the first thing guests notice through the bay window, which sets the scene for the fun and laid-back, easy-chic overall feel of the hotel.

An outdoor patio ambiance is created by a tree-lined lobby, an oversized birdcage, fountains, and brightly upholstered furniture and wallpaper. Refurbished by Anne Peyroux and Emmanuele Thisy, also behind the design at our other partner hotels Dupond-Smith and Hôtel de Sèze, the Hotel Chavanel is a hushed and refreshingly decorated abode located right amidst the bustle of the central Madeleine area.

The 27 rooms are decorated in an ultra chic contemporary style with lavish furnishings and sumptuous fabrics reinforcing a sophisticated Parisian aesthetic. The décor of each room is crowned by touches of lacework by top specialist in her field Sophie Hallette, who also provided the lacework on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. The lacework theme is even present in the ceiling fixtures in the lobby and in the backlit headboards in the rooms. Some rooms also boast dandy touches inspired by men’s tailoring – think wool cloth curtains, shimmering velvet panels and silky handmade cashmere. Adding a touch of eccentricity, the light fixtures in the rooms are made to look like bouquets of silkworm cocoons. All rooms have flat-screen televisions and complimentary WiFi.

A healthy, hearty 100% organic buffet breakfast is served in the stonewalled vaulted cellar on the lower ground floor every morning. Guests can also opt for a room service breakfast. 

Hôtel Chavanel

22 rue Tronchet, Paris 75008

+33 (0)1 47 42 26 14

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