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Dine Like a Parisian

In the last years, Paris has received a big wave of foreigners which led to some hot immigration issues, the positive side of this is that it brought a fresh wind of international flavours and products. From Japanese to Mexican cuisine, those who travel to the French capital know there is more to try than French specialties now. Here are some of the coolest restaurants to try out this season..

by Lavinia Pisani

Offering a vibrant fusion of Moroccan, French and Israeli cuisine, Balagan means “beautiful mess” in Hebrew and is meant to be shared. Grey marble, powder pink fabrics, triangular ceramic tiling, copper and wood is the decor that characterises this French/un-French location. Try the stone baked bread which is great for plunging into tahini with sour spice and hot pesto from Yemen.

Possibly the best salad of your life, and not only, is served at Kei, the straightforward 3-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the II arrondissement, next to the Jardin Nelson Mandela. Kei’s key players seem to be the garden of crunchy vegetables, salmon with a bitter sorrel cream, veal chop seared enough, eggplant caviar and herbs... you tell us about the rest!

1513334503 kei

Kei learned some of his tricks from famous chef Alain Ducasse, who is now orchestrating the behind-the-scene staff at Spoon 2. The glob-trot cuisine offers Asian, Latin, North America and Sri Lanka spicy flavors for all those craving for something fun, tasty and different. Starters start strong with spicy duck broth pancake and shrimp toast. The well-presented, good-tasting, dishes are served in a researched atmosphere characterized by wood furniture and colourful touches from velvet chairs to art wall.

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Even though this is a bit of a legend, Rech seafood restaurant is worth mentioning. Before moving to Spoon 2, Chef Ducasse left the rains of leading the elegant and unfussy seafood restaurant to Xavier Boireau. The white walls and wooden details match perfectly with the simple and refined journey of flavours you will take from first to last bite.

1513334535 spoon2

The “Oh my Cod” led sign at The Cod House is what customers decided to turn viral on social media. The Japanese tapas and cocktail bar is a hot-spot among the local experts, looking for a slice of Japan on French soil. To the left, a bar with a sofa and small tables. To the right, a long dining area with a first floor mezzanine where to choose among the many culinary offers including Black Cod and miso, carpaccio, tempura or taramasalata with truffles.

Finding serious barbacoa is now possible in Paris thanks to Brazilian-born chef Raphaël Régo and his Maloka Fogo & Brasa. Vegetarians skip reading this because at “the common house" whole pieces of beef, lamb legs and more get roasted. Located on the Left Bank, the Brazilian bistro shows a true Brasileira Alma also thanks to the imported rotisserie that gets the churrasco just right.

1513334556 codhouse

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