Restaurant Maison Blanche

You haven’t seen Paris until you’ve seen it from Restaurant Maison Blanche.

Maison Blanche, an upscale Panoramic restaurant in Paris, is known for its exquisite French food and of course its breathtaking cityscape views.

Maison Blanche is a particularly large restaurant, taking up two levels. The downstairs level features the Bay Window—a glass roof through which you can view West of Paris as you enjoy cocktails. The upstairs level offers a larger panoramic view of the entire landscape as well as a phosphorescent colour-changing bar. There are also multiple terraces, each with a different atmosphere during daytime and nighttime. The George V Terrace is characterized by chic and refined décor. On warm summer days, guess dine al fresco, taking in the sun as they dine on classic French fare. Alternatively, there is the Montaigne Terrace, which offers picturesque views of the Eiffel Tower, Dome des Invalides, and the Seine River.

While the views from Maison Blanche are undoubtedly all the rage, the food is too exquisite to be ignored. Maison Blanche’s Chef de Cuisine is the esteemed Fabrice Giraud. Chef Fabrice Giraud is native to La Ciotat, but his professional career took off in kitchens across Europe and France, most notably Brussels and Turkey, from which Maison Blanche’s seasonal menu reflects influence. Whether you order the Truffle Risotto or the Snails “en sucerelle,” you’ll be treated to some of the best gourmet food in Paris. And don’t forget about dessert—if you’re in the mood to indulge in delectable Araguani chocolate, be sure to try the signature, eponymous Maison Blanche cake, which is the secret recipe of pastry chef, Chef Paul.


On the occasion of France's National Holiday on July 14th. Like every year, a spectacular fireworks display with take place as hosted by the mayor of Paris which guests can admire from the terrace of the Maison Blanche. Set to be a dazzling performance offering panoramic views of Paris and th Eiffel Tower, Chef Fabrice Giraud has concoted a delightful menu to accompany the evening. 

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