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Miznon Featured

In his hometown, Chef Eyal Shani is a culinary genius who wears his heart on his sleeve. And it's probably why his food is so magical. 

You'd be surprised at just how far simply cooking would take you. Ask Chef Eyal Shani; his culinary magic is so captivating his kitchen concept has reached Australia, Vienna, Paris and is coming soon to New York. The way he interprets food and the visions he sees in the most ordinary of nature's produce is captivating.  If you had the pleasure of dining at one of his restaurants in Tel Aviv, you know that where there is Shani, everything shines. Food here is as good as gold. In Hebrew, 'miznon' means counter and in restaurant terms, it means looking at what's freshly cooked and putting something good together in no time for a quick bite. But they know it's hard to go, so you'll want to promptly order, yet sit and savour.  The concept, as promised, is simple: fresh pita bread stuffed with a mix of salads and a selection of meat (RoseBeef, anyone?) and poultry that is fresh, seasoned and exceptionally juicy. Even vegetarians can feast here; with a menu of salads that include vegetables you may not have tasted in years, you'll experience a newfound appreciation for cauliflower, eggplant, jalapeno peppers, coriander, and tomatoes in four colours. The menu also includes special dishes of cooked food with meat stews, lush roasted potatoes and steak minute, lamb kebab, ratatouille, roasted sweet potatoes with creme fraiche and more. If you haven't put down the phone just yet, it's time to do just that and grab a bite. 


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22 rue des Ecouffes 75004 Paris, France

+33 1 42 74 83 58