Hot Chocolate Heaven In Paris Featured


Our guide to find the best three hot chocolates in the city that will be hard to forget.

by Neil Kreeger

Angelina, A 1900s Tearoom

Angelina 1 libre de droits

Named after the daughter-in-law of its Austrian founder, the Angelina hot chocolate is a Paris institution. Founded in 1903, the Belle Epoque salle has welcomed some illustrious patrons, thanks in part, to l'Africain, the house hot chocolate. Made from 100% Ghanaian/Ivorian cocoa butter and served with whipped chantilly cream, it's melted in full fat milk and has a bitter but fruity taste. Why not pair your hot drink with a mont blanc or another pastry speciality?

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Jacques Genin, Contemporary Simplicity

Jacques Genin 9 credit Jacques Genin

The self-taught Monsieur Genin is one of the finest chocolatiers in France. His Marais boutique is remarkable for its fine display of chocolates, caramels, nougats and fruit jellies. And for his signature hot chocolate he's gone for simplicity: a 71% Madagascan cocoa chocolate is melted gradually into full-fat milk, with the option of vanilla. Pure heaven!

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Un Dimanche à Paris, A Hot Chocolate Celebration

Un DImanche a Paris

This concept store, situated in a historic passage in Saint-Germain, is a true celebration of chocolate and its hot chocolate is a contender for the finest in Paris. Served in a contemporary chocolatière, complete with milk foamer, the pure chocolate is mixed with milk, cream, vanilla and a secret blend of spices which gives a unique, velvety texture.

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