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Daroco Daroco


Sample handmade Italian cuisine at Daroco, a restaurant that provides a unique Italian experience in Paris.

Although you might be in France, an Italian meal isn’t uncommon. The Parisians are known to love Italian cuisine and Daroco serves food that is at the heart of the Italian experience. The menu includes all the classic Italian dishes; pizza, pasta, gelato, and everything is handmade, in-house. The dynamic resturanteaur duo Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross, who are behind other successful eateries, Roco, Rococo and Roca Bistro, decided to open this new restaurant in the former Jean-Paul Gaultier boutique in the rue Vivienne. You won’t want to miss a tasty Italian meal in a very interesting and spectacular venue. The atmosphere is fun and lively and the inviting vibe will make you want to stay there all night.

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6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France

+33 1 42 21 93 71