Le Wagon Bleu Le Wagon Bleu

Le Wagon Bleu

Leave the modern world behind when you step into the Blue Wagon, a restaurant situated inside a 1920s carriage from the beautiful Orient Express.

The Blue Wagon is set inside a 1920s carriage from the world famous Orient Express. It is the time machine that will take you back to the glitz and glam of a Parisian evening during the roaring twenties that you’ve always dreamed of experiencing in the French capital. The atmosphere is intimate and unique—an atmosphere that the carriage affords—and the menu is filled with timeless French cuisine. If you’re not feeling hungry, you can instead grab a drink at the bar while you bask in the Art Deco inspired décor. Although the Blue Wagon focuses on classic French cuisine, it also offers dishes with a Corsican flare to add an exciting twist to the menu. The brilliant chefs at the Blue Wagon compose refined and elegant dishes that pair effortlessly with the history of the restaurant and its French traditions.

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Le Wagon Bleu

7 Rue Boursault, 75017 Paris, France

+33 1 45 22 35 25