The Best Macarons in Paris Featured

A trip to Paris is not complete without indulging in macarons, a French favourite since the mid-nineteenth century.

Nothing speaks to beautiful artistry and delicious pastry like a French macaron. Once you've tried escargots and jambon persillé, settle in for something sweet and treat your taste buds to an endless assortment of flavours, from sweet and fruity to savory and unique. Macarons can be found on almost every street corner in Paris, but not all of these delicate pastries are created equally. Stop at one of these renowned pâtisseries if you're looking for a classic take on the macaron or want to indulge in something entirely new. 


A Crowd Favourite


In 1862, Louis-Ernest Ladurée crafted a colorful treat that millions would crave for years to come. Though the original concept of the macaron came from Italy, it was Ladurée who created the delicacy we know and love today: two meringue cookies adjoined by a creamy flavoured filling. Today, Ladurée tea rooms and bakeries can be found around the world, but if you want a taste of tradition you must visit Ladurée in its birthplace: Paris. You cannot go wrong by picking up a box of the beautifully crafted pastries; Ladurée is so long-established that artistry and rich flavour are second nature to skilled chefs who uphold the renowned name.

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For the Brave and Bold


If you’d like to test your taste buds, visit Pierre Hermé, a pâtisserie known for its unconventional flavours. Hermé, who was named “The Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue, was obsessed with challenging tradition and wanted to invent a new way to experience taste and pleasure. Fresh mint, rose petals, and saffron are commonly-used ingredients in his signature macarons, along with a wide array of exotic fruits and chocolates. Visit one of the eleven boutiques scattered around Paris if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in an unusual way.

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An International Influence


The macaron is distinctive in its texture and flavour, but also in its background. You can trace its roots back to Italy, find its transformation within France, and at Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki, you’ll find an unmistakable Japanese influence that will overwhelm your taste buds, in the best of ways. Hints of matcha green tea and black chocolate speak to Aoki’s experiences in Tokyo and give his macarons a genuine Japanese taste. Visit one (or all) of his five locations if you value simplicity and authenticity in your sweets. 

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For the Chocolate Lover




There is no better place for the chocolate connoisseur than Jean-Paul Hévin, a chocolatier that uses the finest cocoa beans from around the world. Indulge in a box of macarons made with ganache from the Dominican Republic or dark chocolate from Peru. If you are still craving chocolate and have already indulged in the macarons, try one of Hévin’s hot cocoa powders or snack on chocolate pearls.

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