Ceviche Delights in Paris

A dish with simple roots has taken Paris' by storm. Get in on the action at one of these amazing eateries.

by Margaret Kemp


In addition to being a carb-lover's pardise, Paris is also becoming the destination for ceviche, the original Peruvian fishermen-style dish. Reaching new heights in a city known for luxurious and refined dining, this simple dish of raw fish cured in citrus recieves a French facelift that promises a delectable and refreshing bite. 



Raw is the concept of William Pradeleix, already well known for his 12th arrondissement restaurant Will. His wife, Marie, is Raw’s muse and creator of the contemporary décor. As the name suggests, almost everything here is served uncooked, “marking a happy return to how our ancestors once lived,” the Pradeleix couple explain.

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Le Bar à Huîtres

Le Bar a HuitresLe Bar a Huitres

Market-fresh products on the menu are presented via iPads. There are four Bar à Huîtres in Paris, founded by Willy Dorr and run by the 30-something Garry Dorr. “I’ve always loved the sea, Bars à Huîtres are dedicated to Cap Ferret and the wonderful times I’ve spent there, fishing, learning about fish, and life in general,” he says.

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Restaurant Rech, created by Adrien Rech in 1925, is now headed by Alain Ducasse. Architect Marie Deroudilhe creates a marine atmosphere giving the interior bright and contemporary accents. Young talent Anthony Denon heads the open kitchen on the ground floor while Eric Mercier, the warm and friendly maître d’hôtel, oversees goings-on in the first-floor dining rooms and terrace. Passion for history and culture punctuates the arrival of each dish with a tasty anecdote.



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