Top Caviar Houses to Sample in Paris

Within a small spoonful, a tradition of luxury, refinement and perfection awaits.

by Margaret Kemp

Petrossian - Le 144


The family-run caviar house was founded in Paris in the 1920s by brothers Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian. “Petrossian caviar was never a caviar like the others,” insists president and CEO Armen Petrossian. His father Mouchegh and his uncle first introduced Paris to the magic of caviar assisted by none other than Cesar Ritz. Le 144 is on the first floor, but first pass through the Russian style boutique to sample the different caviars on offer – don’t leave without a pot of CaviarCream®.

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“Caviar is very traditional and my restaurant attracts a young clientele eager to participate in a neo-caviar experience,” smiles Charles de Saint-Vincent, president of Boutary (founded in 1888) at his chic Left Bank red, black and gold Ann Grim-decorated restaurant. The owner is also reviving the elegant tradition of caviar accessories, such as a handsome antique key to open the tins.

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Caviar Ultreïa

Caviar Ultreia2Caviar Ultreia

Created by Korean-born Veronique Yoon-Kyung Martin in 2004, the aim is “to change the way people buy and enjoy caviar.” With this in mind Ms. Martin opened a luxurious private tasting salon on Place Vendôme with Fendi Casa interiors. “There are 24 species of sturgeon in the world, and no two produce roe (fish eggs from which caviar is made) that tastes exactly the same,” she says. Leave Caviar Ultreïa an expert in the subtle differences amoung various types of sturgeon roe and impress your friends upon your return. 

Caviar Ultreia 1Caviar Ultreia


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